Hello beautiful,

Happy New Year! It’s 2018! We made it!
2017 was a tough year, but it was good nonetheless.  I am looking forward to taking this year head on and making it MY year! I know we all say this as the previous year ends, “This is going to be my year!” But do we ever make it our year or does the year make it our bitch?

We can’t control our lives – life just happens and we have to go along with it.

I am looking forward to working on my goals, I have set for myself this year. One of them being, blog goals! I really need to start working on my blog properly this year. Post every week, take bomb pictures, and write amazing content. I want to be proud of my blog. I want to share posts with my readers that I will enjoy sharing and they will enjoy reading.

Speaking of goals… I want to get into my goals for my blog and social media accounts.


2018 goal: I really want to reach 100 email subscribers and 50 WordPress follows this year. You can sign up if you want to – there is a sign up option on the right (if you are using a desktop) and at the bottom (if you are using your phone).


2018 goal: 150 likes.
I am sitting at 46 likes on my page. I really would appreciate it if you could like my page here. I want to have a giveaway when I reach my goal!


2018 goal: 1200 followers.
I currently have on 782 followers on my account. I honestly cannot deal with how Instagram has messed us around with this stupid algorithm and not allowing us to get engagement on what we post. It needs to change back to the way it was!


2018 goal: 50 followers.
I love Pinterest so much that I would like to share it with some followers too! It’s lonely there! 😉


2018 goal: 2000 followers.
I am currently on 1166 followers and it does not seem to be increasing. I just seem to lose followers. I try to tweet every day, but I sometimes forget! So hit that follow button my loves. I would appreciate it! You can help me out here.

I haven’t really had goals for my social media and blog before this year. I really want to start taking everything seriously regarding my blog and SM accounts. I want to work even harder this year on everything.

Stay beautiful
Love Always,