Hey beautiful,

I was browsing through my old tweets from two or 3 years ago, thanks to this cute little app Timehop. I came across tweets that I tweeted about my future husband and kids. I thought, why not turn those tweets into a blog post. So you could read what I have got to say to my future husband.

I want to build you a home. That you will feel safe in. Where we can live and love each other for the duration of our lives. We can decorate our home with kids. Maybe two or three. Teach them the things that our parents taught us & never taught us. We can be an example to them. Show them that two people can love each other, regardless of their differences, mistakes, flaws and how they bicker when it comes to choosing what to watch on television.

We will love until death do us part. We will be ourselves. Our kids will see that being who you are isn’t a bad thing and they’ll be inspired to be themselves too. I’ll teach our daughter how to never depend on a man for happiness and that she is the only one in this world that can make herself happy. But when someone comes along who wants to share that happiness with her, she must allow that person in. I want to teach her that she is worthy of love.

You can teach our sons how to love themselves too. How to treat women with respect and I want you to show them how to love a person, by how you show me, how much you love me.

We’ll see them cry, hurt, how life kicked them down onto their knees and how much it will humble them. We will be there to help them up but also, teach them how to get up on their own and dust themselves off and carry on. Just like we did. We will watch them grow into people, we have shaped them to be. Their own person. And allow them to grow into better and greater people.

We will be proud, disappointed, angry, and sad by what they do and didn’t do. But you know what, all we can do is love them and let them know we will never abandon them no matter what. They’re human. They are our kids. We need to teach them to love themselves too. Because when they love themselves, it’s the greatest relationship they’ll ever be in. Because that is what we want for them.

We will see them graduate and go off into the real world where, it’s not always as pretty. That is when they leave us and go on their own life adventure. We let them go. Allow them to spread their wings. We have to allow them to find themselves. To find what they’re looking for in this world. We just have to let them live. We did that and look, we found each other. And for that, I will be forever grateful. That in this overwhelming world, we found each other. This journey we were both on, no matter how different they were, led us to each other. Look at how far we have come. I have never been so happy and grateful to have a person that I can love and who loves me and our kids for everything we are and will be.

When our love story comes to and end, caused by death or other circumstances. I will meet you on the other side, and we will carry on with our story there. Wherever there is, we will look down at our kids, living their lives, falling in love, and having kids of their own. They’ll be making their lives mean something. Just like we taught them. I’ll miss the feeling of your touch. How safe and secure I felt whenever you were near or when you held me in your embrace. I will miss how your kisses used to be so soft and sweet. I’ll miss you being my home. But all of those material things and feelings won’t matter to me anymore. Because, I’ll still have you by my side, wherever we land up after this life. That is far greater than any material thing.

I love you and you love me. We will love each other for the rest of eternity.
Goodbye. But it won’t be for long. I’ll say hello to you again one day soon.

Stay beautiful
Love always,