Welcome to my blog – an online journal that I’ve created to express myself and document my life. ‘All Things Belo’ was launched as a blog for lifestyle minded people from around South Africa and around the world who are looking for a place where beauty and authenticity is the main focus. You can find authentic, relatable, and transparent content on my blog. My passion for writing inspired me to begin this blogging journey.

On ‘All Things Belo’ you’ll find curated snapshots, lifestyle posts, and a mix of thoughts and expressions. I have taken a new approach to my blog to unveil what is beautiful and authentic in my own life and share it with my readers.

I hope whoever stumbles upon my blog can find useful and inspiring pieces of writing and tips that they can put to use in their lives and share whatever they took from my blog with people around them.

Belo (adj.) /’bɛlʊ/ (also bela /’bɛla/) a word meaning beautiful in Portuguese.