Airport Outfits: What to Wear and How to Dress Comfortably

Hello beautiful,

I was recently in Johannesburg for a weekend away to visit family. While I was on the plane an idea came to mind about how comfortable I felt in the outfit and how I could maybe help you be comfortable but still stylish while traveling.

I have put together two outfits that I was the most comfortable in and still felt like a diva walking through the airport and being on the plane.

Outfit One

I travelled in the evening and the weather was quite chilly in Durban and in Johannesburg. The vision I had for this outfit was chilleddiva-chic. I went for a chilled look with a pair of skinny jeans, a printed tee and sneakers and I paired all of that with a faux fur jacket I found while I was rummaging through sale items. I did kind of regret wearing the fur though. It was such missions taking it off and putting it back on again while on the plane.

I felt comfortable for most of the flight in that outfit. I will wear something like that again, when I do travel to other places. Just minus the fur coat. If you are going to wear a big coat or jacket, plan accordingly that you can keep it in front of you or in the overhead compartment.

I find that sneakers or Uggs are the best thing to wear while traveling in winter. They’re comfy and easy to walk in and they don’t really make your feet hurt. Personally, I don’t know who would wear heels while traveling, unless you are just traveling for work and you have to wear heels. Then yeah, but heels and walking around the airport are not fun lol.

Outfit Two

This outfit was by far the most chilled and easiest to wear. Sweatpants, a t-shirt and jersey are the most comfortable in and around the airport If you have been to OR Tambo International Airport, you’ll know how huge it is, and walking around in this outfit was a dream.

On the plane, I had no constraints. I could move freely and I loved that I could just take off my jersey and not feel like I was carrying a dog on my lap haha. I would say, that having no carry on luggage besides a handbag, helped a lot. I checked my luggage in and then was free to just carry my handbag.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people keep the important things in their carry on luggage instead of in their handbag/backpack. I find it much easier to just carry a bigger handbag, to put everything I’ll need for on the flight. Yes, a bigger handbag, doest restrict you from having more leg room, but at least you know everything that’s important, is in your handbag.

That’s it, loves. I really hope this post helps you when it comes to traveling and what to wear for your flight. But all-in-all, it is your decision at the end of the day on what to wear. Wear whatever you want and feel most comfortable in.

I can’t wait to travel more and share my thoughts on things with you.

Stay beautiful
Love always,


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