Hello Beautiful,

Yes, it’s another Valentine’s Day post! It is the month of love after all!

Sometimes we just need to take ourselves on dates. Forget about dates with your friends, take yourself out for the day by doing something simple and fun. Visit that new café you’ve been wanting to try. Watch a film at the movie theaters alone. Do something by yourself rather than going out with friends. Yes, I agree that friends make it fun. Going out on dates alone is sometimes really needed.

Pick two or more days out of the month, plan an itinerary and head out by yourself. Spend time by yourself, spoil yourself for a change. Get used to being by yourself.

Below are some dates I take myself on. They are fun and inexpensive so they won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

Coffee Date
Yes, I had to put coffee date on the list. There is nothing better than a cup of coffee or tea, whichever you prefer-while reading a book or thinking about how relaxing and new it is to spend time by yourself instead of being around friends.

Movie Date
Check out what films are showing at your local movie theater. Buy yourself a ticket, popcorn and a drink and enjoy watching a soppy-romance-movie or even a comedy.

Take a Walk
ANYWHERE! Put on your favorite pair of sunglasses and an over-sized sun hat and head to the beach. Walk along the shoreline. Visit the local park, admire nature and maybe even treat yourself to a picnic. Even just take a slow stroll around your neighborhood. Remember to tell someone where you are going and be safe.

Art Galleries
Sometimes, we need to surround ourselves with art to remind ourselves that beauty is everywhere around us even though it’s hung on walls.

Are there any dates you take yourself on? Any special places you like to go to, to get some me time? Share them in the comments below.

Stay beautiful
Love always,