Hello beautiful,

I am surrounded by mostly women, especially in the blogging community and in my life. When I look at all the women around me it looks like every single one fo them is friendly and genuine on the surface; every one smiles and offers compliments. It all looks fine and happy. But when you take a closer look you see the side eye glances, the hateful comments, the competitiveness, and the laughs that get aimed at you.

That is when you realize that things aren’t always as they seem to be. You get women post a picture to Instagram, in public she gets all the empowering comments about how she looks and how she slays, yet in private she gets hated on.

Everything you see is like a TV-series you watch unfold before you. Woman-on-woman drama is what you see. The hate I see the most is about looks, success, and having a happy life. This is something I cannot even begin to understand. Why are we always going against each other? As women, we shouldn’t tear each other down. How does that even make sense? To break down members of our gender group when we are already being oppressed every day only hurts all of us.

Think about the constant struggles you have to go through in your life, everyday. Now think about how much easier it would be if we did not have women hate on each other. Why does what other women do, affect you so much that you have to hate on her? Does she have something that you lack? Does she have confidence in herself, that you don’t? We insult women for having too much of something or the other.

If a woman is beautiful, has a good body, and she knows it, she’s too self-involved and should stop being beautiful and a good body. If a woman is fat, and doesn’t have enough confidence, then she must lose weight and gain some confidence. If a woman is successful and has a good life, we as woman assume a man gave her that life.

Why must there be a constant level of hate and pettiness toward women from other women, when we know how it is being a woman?

Think about all the Disney princesses some of us grew up watching. From Cinderella to Snow White, not a single one ever had a female friend. If there were other woman present in the movie, they were either villains or rivals. We grew up watching those movies and look at us now, we are just like that. Where we will rather rival against other women, than actually be their friend.

We need to begin loving and empowering other women for REAL!!! There is no need to bring other women down. We come in all shapes and sizes and every shape and size we come in is perfectly perfect!


Stay beautiful
Love always,