Hello beautiful,

Today I am sharing some of the moments from my cousin, Candice’s boho bridal shower that took place on Saturday, June 30th. The photos were captured by me of the one day, we hope she will remember forever. A long time ago, I still remember thinking about her wedding – how she will look on the day, what kind of decor she would want, and who she would end up marrying, and now her wedding is just 4 weeks away.

I cannot believe that time has flown by so quickly. It feels just like yesterday that she got engaged to the love of her life and here we are celebrating HER on this special day.

The setting was in my cousin’s, mother-in-laws garden. It was absolutely perfect for the boho theme. The decor was supplied by Caitlyn Jade Maujean from Personalized Parties. She created such an amazing chilled space for this bridal shower. She really went out of her way to get this perfect! If you stay in Durban and need party decor done, she is your go-to-girl!

Seeing as though my cousin loves succulents. The bridal party got a cake made for her. It is called a Naked Cake, it was decorated with succulents and edible lace and it was so delicious.

My cousin only invited close family and friends. It was a close & intimate gathering of all the people in my cousin’s life. They honestly made the bridal shower fun and entertaining. The entire day was filled with laughter and tears from the bride-to-be’s mother. I actually got teary eyed when she started crying.

One of the guests made my cousin this little contraption. It is such a cute idea for the bride to carry around for the day and night if she does want to go out for an after party.

This was the game that made every person laugh until they cried! It is called Pop the Balloon. You have to pick a name of one of the guests, and pick a sex position from a bowl. You have to get into that sex position and try pop the ballon by mimicking sex movements. It is really a fun and hilarious game to play with the bride-to-be and the guests.


Thank you to everyone who planned this bridal shower – Jade, Tammy, Kirsten, and Ursula. You all did an outstanding job.

Candice, I am so happy you enjoyed your day and evening of pub crawling. I cannot wait for your big day. I have been living for this day, and it’s almost here. I love you.

Stay beautiful
Love always,