Hello beautiful,

I have been getting emails and DM’s from humans that want to know how I edit my instagram photos, what apps I use, and how I arrange my photos according to my feed. For those of you who read the post on my old blog, you’ll know that post wasn’t as insightful as this one will be. So this is for those who want to know, how I edit my photos.

I wasn’t even sure what I was doing with my Instagram three years ago. I had no theme, no beautiful curated photos, and absolutely no idea how I would make my theme look the way it does lately. I have slowly gotten into having a feed, at first it was really difficult finding inspiration and/or trying to take photos that didn’t end up looking like a toddler took the photo. I got into having a theme and I haven’t looked back since.

First-things-first, you DON’T need to have a feed or beautiful photos. It is your account and you can post whatever tickles your fancy. Don’t fall into the trap by “having a beautiful feed will get you followers and likes.” Sharing photo’s isn’t about followers and likes. It’s about sharing your personality & the beauty through photographs. After all, how and what you decide to post on Instagram is your choice.


I am normally snapping photo’s on my iPhone. I always have it with me, so its easier to snap and edit if need be. If I want high quality photo’s, I’ll use my Nikon D3200. 

When it comes to lighting, I always take advantage of natural lighting. It is the best way to get the lighting you want for your photo’s. If the lighting isn’t great, I rely on the editing apps to help make the lighting a tad bit better. Sometimes editing the photo’s don’t help with the lighting, so I’ll wait till the lighting is better to snap a few photo’s. 

When I take photo’s – I take about 300+. Just so I can get the perfect shot. Yes I am that person, I take what I upload to my Instagram very seriously. When it comes to sorting through the photo’s you’ve taken, have patience and a very good eye to spot the differences in the photo’s. Some may be grainy or blurry-sometimes both. Once you get down to 5 photos, head over to the editing apps and edit. 


VSCO Cam and Facetune are my go-to apps when it comes to editing and enhancing my photographs. I will never change to any other apps ever!

First decide what theme you want. If you don’t want a theme, that’s fine too. If you follow me on IG, you’ll see I have a somewhat white aesthetic theme going on in all of my photo’s. When it comes to filters, use the same filter each time you edit a photo. That way, your feed will look aesthetically pleasing.

First I go to Facetune and whiten the background of the photo, only IF the background is white. If it isn’t then I don’t bother with it. Whiten just the background though. You’ll notice that if you go over coloured objects with the whitening tool, the colour fades.

I use the A6 filter on all of my photos. I also have a few black & white photos on my feed, but we won’t focus on those. Once you have applied the filter, tap on it again and you’ll see a slider, drag it down till +9. You don’t want the filter to overpower the photo.

Go to settings and up the exposure to +1.1. If it is too bright, lower it until you are happy. Tap on contrast and up it till +1.1. I usually leave it at that, because it enhances the black in the photo. You can go lower or higher if you want to.

Once I have edited the photo, I check the already saved photo’s on my feed on VSCO to make sure it looks like the other photo’s and I save it to my camera roll.

I also use VSCO to plan what I upload to Instagram as well. It saves storage space on my phone by not having an app to plan my posts. It is such a time saver as well. Because you don’t have to go back and fourth to IG to check if your recently edited photo, looks the same as the others you have uploaded. See my feed plan below.


There were a few of you asking about my flaylay photo’s. So I’ll tell you about that too.

You don’t need to be a pro to take a flatlay photograph. But it kind of does need some creativity to arrange the items or props you’re using for the photo. As some of you know, I am a creative human. So taking creative photos does come naturally to me.

When arranging your flatlay, place items on the background item you are using. You can use anything. I use an old cupboard door and/or a polystyrene board. I arrange my props on it and snap one photo to see if I need to move anything around. Sometimes I’ll have to move a few things around just to make the flaylay perfect.

A tip: Have some of the items cut off in the photo, like the larger items in the photo. You can see an example below. It makes the flatlay look a certain way somehow. I can’t explain it.

Make your Instagram your own.

I really hope this post has helped you with your editing and how you want your Instagram to look. It can be complicated and time consuming. In the end, it is worth it to have a beautiful looking feed. You can follow me on Instagram here.

If you have any editing suggestions and if you want me to follow you on Instagram, leave your suggestions and links in the comments. 

Stay beautiful
Love always,