Hello beautiful,

We all have that worry what people think of us. In some sense, we all wonder what people think of us. For some it may be easy to just let go and not worry what people think. But for others, it’s an on-going process of worrying. 

I always used to worry about what people think. I used to think what people thought of me, constantly. Whether they like me, or if they think I’m annoying and so on. But eventually I got so tired of what people thought, I just had to let it go. Because in all honesty, I don’t care anymore. Because I am here for myself. It really doesn’t matter if people think bad or good of me, it only matters what I think of myself. That keeps me going in this life and not worry what people think anymore. 

Here’s some of the things I like to do and remind myself of to keep the worrying away.

1. People are just… people

I have always had this thought, if someone dislikes me or says bad things about me behind my back, does it makes me sick? No, it doesn’t. But you know, they’re just humans. And humans will always bitch, no matter if you’ve done good for bad. 

If someone wants to be a negative nancy and horrible, then let them be negative and horrible. Because while they’re drowning themselves in hate, you are out there being the fabulous human you can. High five to you.

2. People make others not like you syndrome

If you are worried that someone is talking about you, ask yourself what is the worst that thing that can happen? 

It’s not going to hurt you, it’s not going to make you ill or make you die. 

So they might influence a few people to think bad things about you and their thoughts also cannot hurt you one bit. Trust me on this. 

That is what negative people do. They want to collect other humans and make them think the same as them, so they can all sit in a big group being negative about other people. Because focusing on one persons flaws distracts them from their own. It makes them feel safe, included and like people are on their side.

The only thing I can say is let them. 

3. Believe in the laws of Karma.

Karma’s a bitch. She will always deliver what is due to those who are bad, mean, gossip, and backstab. I don’t think you have to wait long for Karma to do her job. 

If you’re honest, trustworthy, helpful, kind, then good things will come to you. 

If people are mean, then eventually things will come around to them. It may not be instant. But one day someone will call them out on it, or someone of influence will see their mean side, or they’ll gain a reputation for being a plain old mean person.

4. Avoid nasty people.

If you’re able to cut people who are causing you this stress. Cut them out of your life. Stay away from them and never look back. 

I’m not a fan of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer, because it feels too much like you’re having to be nice to someone that is basically a massive dick. 

Your aim is to give them as little reason to talk about you as possible. 

5. Be the best you, you can be.

We are emotional creatures that sometimes react without thinking and we all make mistakes. But that does not make us horrible. 

Be the best version of yourself you can be and let the way you see yourself be determined on how much you stick to your values and morals, rather than what other people think. 

I’m hoping that telling myself these things every single day will help me realize that…

  1. People will talk about me, regardless of how nice I am.
  2. I just need to be the best me I can. 
  3. I must continue being myself. I am the only person that will love myself enough to stick with me through everything. 

I hope everyone can take these tips into their lives and not worry about what people may think of you. Just keep doing you. The only thing that matters, is what you think of yourself.

Stay beautiful
Love always,