Hello beautiful,

I have never been the person and I’ll never be the kind of person to do anything half way and friendship is no exception. If you come into my life as a human wanting to be my friend, you are either all the way in or all the way out. There’s no in-between. I don’t have time to play your weird guessing games to try to figure out if you really want to be my friend. If you are not completely in this friendship, please stop wasting my time.

1. I’m not looking for part-time friendship — It’s full time or no time. 

I have been in friendship’s and mixed signals plenty of times before and now I’m completely over the bullshit and confusion people bring; I want friendship’s that are truly real and meaningful now. I wont waste my efforts on anything and anyone less.

2. You either want to get to know me in a real way or not at all — It’s pretty simple.

As “nice” as you might be or come across, I need someone in my life who is going to want to get to know the real me, not just the surface — that includes the deep things about me too. I’m looking for something deeper and if you can’t rise to the occasion, please leave me alone so I can continue living my life without you in it.

3. I want people who know what friendship is and knows that they want friendship. 

I’ve spent time working on myself to make myself a better person for myself and to know concretely what it is I want in a friendship. I’m not asking to be with you 24/7 or text 24/7 either. I really don’t have time for half-hearted conversations where it is one-sided. Be constant with contact or nothing at all. I have more better things to be doing than to read between the lines of a text message or a conversation in person.

4. I’m loyal AF, So if you’re not, you need to go sweetie pie asap. 

I’m a loyal AF person, so if I’m talking to you and giving you my attention, you’re actually supposed to do the same. Maybe I’m too old school for people or maybe I’m naïve, but I don’t give a shit, that is how I operate. If I’m simply just another person in your flock, let me go. I’d rather continue my flight solo. Thanks.

5. I want people who want friendship and who’s on the same page as I am. 

I don’t want to have to wonder and constantly question how you feel about our friendship, so if you’re not treating me like a real friend should or making any real effort, I’m going to move on real quick and become irritated by your poor attempts of keeping a friendship going. The only people I have time for is the people who know how to keep a friendship. Because I bloody hell do!

6. I’ve got better shit to do than keep trying with someone who doesn’t show interest.

These lazy attempts of forcing a conversation are becoming lame and so routine that I just can’t be bothered anymore. People these days don’t know the real true meaning of what it is being a friend. I don’t have time for half ass people and their fake ways. Make up your mind if you want to be in a friendship with me. If not, please take your ass out of my life so I can save myself for people who know the real meaning of friendship and want to be in one, so stop wasting my time.

Stay beautiful
Love always,