Hey beautiful,

It has been a minute since I’ve posted anything to my blog. But I’m back now with a life update. So much has happened in the last week that I don’t even know where to begin. It has been a mixed emotions kind of week that I am battling to even write this post because I don’t know how to even make sense of everything that has happened since last week Wednesday.

Last week Wednesday it was my grandfather’s birthday. He turned 77 and I couldn’t be happier to have shared that day with him. He all of a sudden got a pain in his groin area that did not go away until we took him to his GP. He gave him a pain injection and checked his heart. Everything was fine after that. The pain seemed to have subsided, and he felt better.

Later that evening, he collapsed in the bathroom, not once but twice. His sugar was very high (22) and he had a very low blood pressure. We rushed him through to hospital where they did a CT scan. The results came back stating that he had a mild stroke. Which was not the case.

He stayed overnight in hospital to monitor his health. On Thursday, we went to visit him and he seemed much better than he was the previous day. We went back that evening, and things took a turn for the worst. He was battling to breath, his stomach was bloated and he was not doing well at all. The doctor who was monitoring told the family that things weren’t looking good and that they needed to take him for an emergency CT scan. The results came back and it was the main vein in the heart that supplies the gut and abdominal section of the body with blood, that had burst and his abdomen was full of blood. He also had a hole in his gut.

The doctor then said to us that, as a family needs we need to make a decision. We can send him in for emergency surgery, but the survival rate was 25%, or we can make him comfortable and let him die the natural way. We chose the second option. The surgeon told us that even if he did the surgery, he would be on a ventilator for a long time. and if my grandfather didn’t make an improvement, then we would have to switch off the machines. We did not want to do that. We didn’t even want to be put into that situation where we must make a decision like time about somebody you love.

Later that night, at 11:50pm, my grandfather passed away warm in his hospital bed. I don’t even know what I’m feeling or if I’m feeling anything at all right now. I am numb. All I know is that I am happy he is in heaven with my grandmother and he is not suffering anymore. I miss him terribly.

On a happier note, in the current state of everything. My cousin got married over the weekend that just passed. It was a glorious wedding, she made a breathtaking bride and it was a happy day. My grandfather packed on Monday last week already, for the wedding and he couldn’t even make it. But I do believe, him and my grandmother were there in spirit watching how happy my cousin was on her special day. I will be uploading a post of the wedding as soon as life kind of goes back to normal.

Until next time.

Stay beautiful
Love always,