Hello beautiful,

There comes a time in everyone’s life where you have to eventually go on your own. No questions asked, no thinking about it. You have just got to do it! As of June 1st, I have been living alone. I always thought that living on your own was scary and that eventually you’ll just end up not enjoying it so much. I was wrong.

At first it did get a bit lonely. There was no one to talk to, no one to laugh with, and nobody around to just be that small ounce of company that I needed.

I thought to myself, “Girl, you have been alone for most of your life. So this will be fine. You will be fine.” Turns out that is what I needed to hear myself say. Because in the light of having no one around to reassure me that I will be fine on my own, I had to reassure myself. I know I’ll be fine on my own, I always have been.

I have learnt to adjust to being alone for most of my life. I didn’t have much of a choice. I am like a cockroach, I can quickly and easily adjust to change and survive on my own. So I don’t really know what I was so worried about haha.

Living alone is totally different than when you are living with somebody else. You have to do everything on your own. Cook, clean, buy groceries, and just maintain your own little space. Now that I’m on my own, all of the house duties, have become my responsibility. I have always been self-sufficient so the cleaning and cooking part of it all was not much of a problem.

But who the hell knew, that food was so expensive? I went food shopping when I began living on my own and I literally cried on the inside when I saw how expensive food is. I’m not talking about those luxury food items you spoil yourself with every month, but just the basic price of bread and milk, almost comes to R50.

I can’t even have a set food budget every month now because the prices of food change every month. So now I have learnt, when I go food shopping, I have to go into the store with an open mind and hope for the best when I reach the cashier. Because girl, I will be walking out with 5 shopping bags and be crying in the car, let alone crying in the club, at how expensive living alone is.

All-in-all, living alone has its pros and cons. But I enjoy it. Whenever I go visiting friends or family, I literally cannot wait to get home and be by myself. Because I enjoy my own company more now than I ever have before. I’m finally in my own space where I can be and feel at home.

If you are living on your own and can give me some advice on how to budget for things every month. Your advice will be greatly appreciated.

Stay beautiful
Love always,