Quotes from “I Feel Pretty” that Touched My Soul

Hello beautiful,

Last night while I was bored at home, a friend came over to give me some movies. One of them was “I Feel Pretty.” I was on the fence about watching it after reading the reviews, but I went ahead and watched it anyway. Let me tell you, it was one of the most inspiring, thought provoking, emotional movies I have watched this year.

I laughed, but I also cried like a baby. What Rene (Amy Schumer) was going through, with not being happy with how she looked, and how she wished she was beautiful like the “pretty girls.” We all go through that at some point or other during our lives. No matter if we are pretty or not pretty.

I am going to be sharing quotes from the movie that really hit home for me in a major way.

“Nobody cares about the profile. No one even looks at the profile. The picture is all that matters, and you get a picture of yourself and you feel like, really good about it and you hide your double chin, you hide your acne, and you hide your cellulite and then, when the guy meets you in person. He’s like so disappointed. Or you take a picture of yourself where you feel like it really looks like you and then you check your profile and no one is liking it, or clicking it or twitting it or poking you and you didn’t even want to go out with this guy in the first place. But he’s rejecting you and it’s not fair. And I’m sick of it.”

“I am brave. I am blonde and I got this.”

“I’ve just always wondered what it feels like to be just undeniably pretty. To just have all of those parts of your life open up to you that you only get to experience when you look like you. Just once.”

“I wish I was beautiful!”

“And you know what, I know I look good, I don’t need some like room of drunk guys to confirm that.”

“Those professionals at the make up counters are actually deterrent. There’s these like beautiful statuesque woman just staring at you with your pimples and your asymmetrical face and they just make you feel bad about yourself. That’s why these regular girls flock to the anonymous isles of a big superstore, so they can just go in and buy their make up without somebody standing there, making them just feel like they aren’t good enough and like it’s a waste of time to even try.”

“You are like so yourself. I think a lot of people are confused about themselves. They like obsess over whatever negative quality they perceive in themselves and they completely miss the thing that really makes them awesome. Like you know who you are and you don’t really care how the world sees you.”

“I don’t know how you do it, Rene. But you’ve gotten a whole lot of woman who always think that they know best to sit up and take notice of you.”

“When we were little girls, we had all the confidence in the world. We let our belly’s hang out, and we just danced and played, and picked our wedgies. And then, these things happen that they make us question ourselves. Somebody says something mean to you on the playground and then we grow up. And you doubt yourself over and over again. Until, you lose all that confidence. All that self-esteem, all the faith you started with is gone. But what if we didn’t let those moments get to us, what if we were stronger than that? Right? What if we didn’t care about how we looked, or how we sounded? What if we never lost that little girl confidence? What if when someone tells us that we aren’t good or thin, or pretty enough. We have the strength and the wisdom to say what I am is better than all that. Because what I am, is me! I’m me and I’m proud to be me.

“You are beautiful. You are everything.”

In conclusion, this was an outstanding, emotional, funny, and real movie, that I would recommend to every woman to watch. We really don’t need to fall off a treadmill and hit our heads, to realise that we are beautiful. We are beautiful already, no matter how we look. Most importantly, beauty is on the inside of us and we have to realise that looks, don’t make us beautiful. Being yourself and loving yourself is what does.

Stay beautiful
Love always,

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