Self-Care Sunday Essentials

Hello beautiful,

Self care is very important. It isn’t just about treating yourself, to a cup of coffee at your favourite cafe. It’s taking an entire day, just to relax and pamper yourself by doing a face mask or binge watching your favourite series, while eating your favourite snacks. I have put together a list of self-care essentials, that I do whenever I get the chance.

So, if you are reading this on a day during the week or on a Saturday afternoon. A self care day doesn’t always have to be on a Sunday. It can be on any day that you find easier for you.

Comfy Clothes

First-things-first, find something comfy to wear. This can be your pjs or even just a fluffy robe with your slippers. My favourite robe is from Mr Price. You can buy it here.

Face Masks

Get yourself a purifying mask or a glow mask. Either one will do. There is nothing that says you have your life together like wearing a face mask and chilling. I am currently using the L’OrΓ©al Pure Clay range of face masks. You can shop for them here.


While you are waiting for your mask to work it’s magic. Take a book you are currently reading, find a place in your home and read for a while. Let your mind be free from the NOW!


Put together a playlist of your favourite music, or even better: a meditation playlist. Put your earphones in and relax. There is nothing better than getting some quiet time with yourself and being able to let go and relax.


If you aren’t really in the mood to listen to music, you can always Netflix and chill all by yourself. Grab your laptop and binge watch your favourite series or a bunch of movies you’ve wanted to watch for a while.


No self care day is complete without snacks. They can be sweet and salty or just healthy snacks. Just eat and enjoy yourself. Don’t forget to hydrate! So always have a bottle of water with you.

That is it for this post loves. I really hope you take a day for yourself real soon.

Stay beautiful
Love always,

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