Social Media Engagement and Followers

Hello beautiful,

Yes, it’s that time again. Where I sit down and rant. It’s my favourite thing to when, I really need a release to talk about a certain topic and read your feedback. Also to wait for people to be offended… Because some always are.

Recently, I have been seeing a lot of people post about how much people don’t engage with their posts on Instagram, how much it irritates them, etc. I see that my engagement on my Instagram posts have been really good these past few days, which I love. Because followers who engage are a really nice thing to have on social media.

I don’t have much followers on my Instagram, but the followers I do have and who engage with me, I appreciate them so much. Their engagement and love on my posts are amazing. I enjoy engaging with people who engage with me. Most of us do right?

Let’s get to the part where I’m going to call people out on their entitlement bullshit.

Say for example, someone has 5000 followers on Instagram and only follows about 500+ people. Out of those 5000+ followers, a quarter of them takes time to post a genuine comment and gives likes to posts as well. Yet you are going to complain about those who don’t engage?

How about this, focus on the people who engage with your posts and actually enjoy following you. Stop being an entitled brat, posting about how much people don’t engage with your posts and playing the woe is me card. Don’t get me wrong, I love engaging followers. But what I don’t focus on are the people who don’t engage on what I post.

Not every one is obligated to engage with you. Not everyone is going to see your posts. Those people who want to engage with you will turn your post notifications on if they want to. People will engage with who they want to engage with. Take your head out of your ass and stop making it all about you!

Do you engage with all of the people you follow on the gram? No you don’t. So I don’t think you should be complaining about who is not engaging with you. Before you complain, see if you are doing the things you’re complaining about.

What I’ve noticed is when you give out GENUINE engagement, you get the same back. Not all the time, but most of the time you will. Instead, make it a thing where you actually engage with your followers as well, not just the ones who engage with you all the time or who have the same amount of followers as you.

You are stuck in this entitlement circle that makes you look stupid by complaining about who doesn’t engage with you. Who cares? Go through your followers and remove the people from following you. Thousands of followers aren’t everything, and it doesn’t make you special. I get that, if you want brands to work with you, you need an X amount of followers to be eligible. But won’t it be nice to actually have less followers and more engagement?

I’ve noticed that some of these bloggers and/or Youtubers, who gain more “popularity” in the community let that popularity go to their heads. They were all nice and humble before, but now they’re these people who let engagement on Instagram and followers on social media affect their lives so much, that they find the need to complain about who doesn’t engage with them. BIG WHOOP! Grow up baby, tone down your ego and stop with the entitlement issues!

You aren’t as special as the amount of followers you have, has led you to believe. Just because you had a kind of big following, does NOT give you the entitlement to want all of them to engage with you. What bullshit is that? You sound like, when a child complains about someone who doesn’t want to play with them during play time.

Can’t relate!

Thank you for coming my rant. If you want to take offence to this, or if it triggers you. Go work on your demons that allow you to get triggered baby.

That’s it folks. Until the next rant.

Stay beautiful
Love always,

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