Hello beautiful,

I have wanted to write a post about this for a while now but I just didn’t know how to write it. It was until I saw an Instagram story of one of my followers addressing the issue about this topic and that is when the words just came to me. I have had a lot of words swarming around my in my head not knowing how to add my two cent opinion to this. Many people whom I do follow have shared theirs, so I’m going to share mine. 


Ever since I have created my Instagram account I have always felt free to post what I want to post on it. Be it a new set of nails or even a new selfie, I shared it and I was happy. It wasn’t until I read what bloggers have got to say, when I became a little afraid of what I shared on social media. Don’t get me wrong, I do still share what I want. But now there is always this thought in the back of my mind, that what I’m posting on social media, will upset someone and get them triggered. 

When you look at my Instagram feed, what do you see? A beautiful curated feed, a white aesthetic, and what I like to call a photo album of some sort. My account is something that I am proud of. I enjoy looking at all the photos I have uploaded, and I am assuming that people who follow me do to. 


I have never judged anyone for what they choose to upload on social media and I don’t think I ever will. Because their social media is their social media accounts. What they choose to upload is their business and you shouldn’t make it yours. 

Before you discuss someone and what they’re uploading to social media and what lifestyle they’re living, stop and think, “what the fuck does this have to do with me?”

So what if people upload selfies, and pictures of their designer items, and show people what they like and enjoy? Nobody said you have to follow or keep following that person. People can still lead a specific lifestyle, and still be a good person. That being said, people can show their materialistic items and still be an inspirational person.

Just because people show their nice things off, doesn’t mean they’re bragging – so what if they do brag. They have worked hard for the things they have and they have a right to show whatever the bloody hell they please. You have NOT given people money for the lifestyle they lead and the things they buy. So why does it bother you that they choose to show what they show on social media? 

In no way is anyone influencing you to follow their lifestyle. That is YOUR choice to follow it and get caught up in the “influencer hype” that you keep saying influencers portray – the certain type of lifestyle that makes everyone want to live up to that kind of standard. No, don’t blame the influencers for influencing the way people think about their lives. 

We all have this thing that is amazing and very useful and it is; a brain! WE CAN THINK FOR OURSELVES not to get influenced to believe we should live a certain lifestyle to be happy.

People live their lives and show their lives the way they want to! So stop judging people for living their lives the way they want to live. LET PEOPLE BE HAPPY and MIND YOUR BUSINESS! You judge and always find problems with everything people are doing with their lives and yet when someone says something about your lifestyle, it’s all of sudden a problem.

Why is it that you can judge someone for the lifestyle they lead and what they show on social media? But when someone judges your life and what you choose to show, you have a problem with it and have a rant on your Instagram or Twitter account? GET RID OF THE DOUBLE STANDARDS!

I am so fed up with everyone judging everyone about the things they do, the lifestyle they lead, the nice things they have and what they choose to show on social media. No one is saying that you need to live that certain lifestyle to be happy or to have the nice things people have and choose to show off. You do you, boo! You’ll be alright.

Here is some advice; don’t let other people’s lifestyle’s trigger you. You have yours and they have theirs. Just let people live, PLEASE!

I will continue to share what I want to share on social media. I don’t care what anyone has got to say. Social media is a place for everyone, not just the inspirational type of people. 

Keep sharing what you want to share on social media. Don’t let the standards people have set stop you from sharing what you want. As long as you are happy with what you share, that is all that matters.

As I end off this post, I will leave you with a few tips on how not to get triggered by what people do with their lives. 

  1. Each person’s lifestyle is different. 
  2. You don’t need to live up to anyone else’s lifestyle. 
  3. If you don’t like what people upload to social media, unfollow those people. It is that simple.
  4. Don’t complain about the things people have and choose to show on social media.
  5. People can have nice things and can still be a nice person.
  6. Other people’s social media accounts are NOT your social media accounts.
  7. Last but not least, MIND YOUR BUSINESS!

Stay beautiful
Love always,