Hello beautiful people,

How are you all doing? It has been a hot minute since I have really been inspired to write a blog post, about something that has really impacted my life in a major way.

As some of you know, I was mugged a few weeks ago. My phone was taken and I was distraught the day it happened. I kept thinking how am I going to keep up with social media and my blog? The first few days were difficult. I had fomo and was literally lost without having a phone in my hands. How was I going to survive without being able to post a single thing? A week went past and I felt a bit different about the loss of my phone. I didn’t really have a choice in taking a break from social media, it was forced by not having a phone.

I have felt more connected with myself than I did, when my phone was constantly in my hands. What else could I do than just embrace the moment, of being social media free?

I felt disconnected from the world but more connected with myself.

For me, being on social media every day gets exhausting. There are always better things happening on social media than in our own lives that we stayed glued to our devices and neglect ourselves and life. We would rather be present in other people’s lives than our own and that is not healthy. There has to be a balance.

I started doing things that I had stopped doing and it really felt great. I got back into writing poetry and other things and not only write just because I have a blog. I took time to admire nature and the beauty in it and not want to take a photo of what I saw in front of me.

Some of us have a tendency to let social media play a big part in our lives and we shouldn’t allow that. There has to be boundaries as to how we let it affect us. It doesn’t have to change the way we look at social media, but how much of our day do we spend on it.

I used to spend about 10 – 12 hours on social media before I was mugged. Hence why all my data finished so quickly. I used to wake up and reach for my phone and then go to sleep scrolling through Twitter or Facebook. Now I spend up to 6 – 7 hours a day on my phone. It’s still a lot, but I get to do things I enjoy in the time when I’m not on my phone.

Set time aside in your day, even if it’s for an hour. Start off with an hour and eventually increase the time you’re not on your phone. You will see such a difference in your life. You won’t constantly want to be on your phone. You’ll feel lighter even. And it will save you on data.

1. Put your phone off and in a drawer. So you won’t have the urge to check it.

2. As cliche as this sounds. Go for a stroll around your garden, smelling the flowers, admiring the beauty around you.

3. Limit yourself to how much time you spent on your phone. Be more sociable with people in real life than on Twitter or Instagram.

4. Buy yourself a WhatsApp bundle. So you only have WhatsApp working on your phone. (I have tried it.)

5. Buy yourself a journal and write write write.

I hope that this post will help you get off social media and spend some time with yourself and the people around you. Start enjoying your life without having your phone in your hands.

Stay beautiful
Love always,