Hello beautiful,

First-thing-first, I just want to thank Kevin for this opportunity. This is the first brand I am working with and I have never been so excited! I appreciate it so much that you emailed me regarding creating my own mini-me.  Ever since I was kid, I have been obsessed with Lego. I still remember getting a box of lego for Christmas when I was 6 or 7, and I never stopped playing with it. I was always building things with my lego set. I always wondered if there was a way that I could make my own lego person, who symbolizes me in some way. Guess what… there is!

Last week, I got the opportunity to make my own Mini-Me Memorable. It was the first time I ever heard of this company, and I was ecstatic to be contacted by them. I didn’t hesitate to take this opportunity to create a memory! This is what they sent me…

Mini Me Memorables create the perfect little memory. You will love it!

I created how I wanted to look in a mini lego version of myself. I chose a mobile phone and laptop. Seeing, as though I am always on my phone and laptop-blogging and creating content for my blog and social media pages. I also chose a cat, Kittens (I love it so much!) who is also super excited to have a mini-me memorable lego version of himself. He is quite pleased.

This mini-me is so friggen adorable and I am 1000% head-over-heels obsessed with it. There is over 1000’s of unique, different and rare hair, torso’s, heads, legs, and accessories you can choose from, you can create your own perfect mini-me version of yourself or whoever, from the comfort of your couch, by visiting their online store.


These truly make the most perfect and unique gifts for birthdays, weddings and Christmas. They are mini, affordable and whoever you get this for, they will treasure it forever! Because who doesn’t want a mini version of themselves? It’s life having your own emoji. It is THAT cute and much needed!
If you would like to create your own mini me, head over to mini-me.co.za right now. Have fun creating your mini-me memory.

To get in contact or place an order, visit:

Website: mini-me.co.za
Facebook: @MiniMeMemorables
Instagram: @minime.za
Twitter: @MiniMeMems

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored collaborated post according to my disclaimer, but as always, my honest opinion.

Stay Beautiful
Love always,