Hello beautiful,

As 2018 is close to coming to an end. I thought I would leave you with a fun but really serious post about things, us as bloggers, need to leave in twenty fucking eighteen! We all do some of the things I am about to list down below. And it needs to stop!

Let’s get into it shall we? 

  • Cliques!!! We are not in high school anymore. Cliques are so whatever-year-you-left-highscool in! Leave that there! We were young and petty then, the pettiness and immaturity was okay and understandable. I see 25 year old women acting like 16 year olds. I just laugh. 
  • Leave the whole “I’m better than you” attitude at the door! You are not better than any other blogger just because you have more followers, likes and social media engagement. Who died, and made you queen of the blogging world?
  • If you don’t like someone who you follow. UNFOLLOW THEM!! Stop going on other social media platforms and slagging them off on there. Grow up and just unfollow the person/people. That is why the unfollow button is there. 
  • Apologising to your followers for not being on social media for a couple of days. We get it! Life gets busy and we don’t all have time to be on social media, checking when last you have posted. You’re not a celebrity. Stop it! Oh, and data is expensive, hey!
  • Stop telling people who have pretty curated feeds, that they’re fake people. I don’t know what having a beautiful looking theme has got to do with a person being “real.” Some of us like to have pretty planned out feeds, GET THE FUCK OVER IT, HUN! (you can just unfollow us, you know).
  • Let bloggers have their pretty feeds. No one said that you have to have the same. Stop complaining and carry on doing you. 
  • People will upload what they want to their social media accounts. Let them be and carry on with your life. It’s easy.
  • When working with a brand, make sure you let them know as soon as you have posted the post, that you expect to be paid on the same day. Not four or five days later! 
  • Leave bloggers alone who do sponsored content. If you don’t want to read their blogs or see product pictures of sponsored content on your feed. Unfollow them! Let them earn a living the way they want to. 
  • Women hate in the blogging community needs to stop. Instead, why don’t we just lift each other up and encourage each other to be the best version of themselves.
  • Stop posting bloggers photos on Instagram as your own and not give them credit. We work hard on taking photos for our feed and for our blog. At least ask before you use the photo and tag us at least. It’s not that hard.
  • Everyone has their own lifestyle and how they live that kind of lifestyle has got nothing to do with you. They are not influencing you to want to have a life like theirs. You have your life and what lifestyle you want to live is your choice. If you are happy with your life, you wouldn’t let what other people are doing with theirs, influence you to want your life to be like theirs.
  • Can we all just stop competing with one another. We will all get to where we need to be in this community. It is NOT a race. 
  • Follow to unfollow a few hours, or days later. I really don’t see the point of people doing this. You have time on your hands, hey! Rather grow your following the normal way, by following people who interest you or who you can relate to. 
  • Forced comments on Instagram posts. There is nothing worse than having someone comment on your posts and it’s forced. Just don’t comment on the post, instead of forcing it. I see you, girl. 
  • Influencers are people too. Stop saying they are the bad people on social media. There are some worse people out there in the world. 
  • Stop driving and snapchatting, instagram storying or recording yourself saying or doing stupid shit for social media. You are putting other people in danger on the roads as well as yourself. If you need to record, wait till you are at your destination.

That is all I could think of for this post. If you have anything that you think bloggers need to leave in 2018. I would love to hear it.

Stay beautiful
Love always,