Hello beautiful,

Recently, I came across a photo on Tumblr, that made me think about what really makes us beautiful. Is it our hair, our eyes, our bodies or is it our smile? Whatever you look like is beautiful. Fat, skinny, tall, short, black, white. Physical appearances are always judged by society. I myself have judged people for how they look. If they have the right eye color or if they have a nice smile. Because I’m attracted to people who have nice eyes and a beautiful looking smile. But does the beauty on the on the outside, matter more than what’s on the inside?

We all know the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” But we do anyway’s. We judge people on how they look, on what they have, and on what they don’t have. But does that make a person, a person? Think about it for a second. Does having good looks, a fancy car, a nice house and all the other things society seems to cling on to these days, make us beautiful or make us matter? In this world it seems to. Where money and looks determine if people like you or not.

People need to realize that, there is more to a person than money and good looks.

There’s beauty on the inside as well.

I think that is what matters the most. The beauty on the inside of the person matters more than what is on the outside. Looks will fade with time. But what’s on the inside stays forever. Being kind, nice, giving without expecting anything back in return, being open to helping people where you can, how you treat people. Being a good hearted person is what matters. That is what I look for in people that I encounter in my life. If you have money; good for you. If you have a fancy house, good for you too.

You can have all the money, cars, houses and all the other nice things. But if you don’t have a good heart. Well, then, you are not getting my time or anything for that matter.

There’s a second point to this whole, “What makes you beautiful” photo I saw. Being YOU makes you beautiful. I see so many people being hated on, not loved for being who they are, and that hurts me to see that, that is still happening. Families are disowning their kids because they are gay, lesbian, transgender. People are being hated on because of their race and religion. But does anyone stop to think, just for one second that, that is the way people are born?

Do you think babies come out of the womb, pointing at a chart deciding what their sexuality, religion, or race must be? No, they don’t. People need to realize that people who are different, no matter how different they are — are still human beings. Being who they are is what makes them beautiful. Not what sexuality they are, what race or religion they are either. They follow to be who they are, to what they feel on the inside.

They are who they are on the inside and they are letting that shine through. That is what matters. Letting the beautiful inside of you, shine through on the outside too. Because being beautiful or handsome, rich or poor, gay or lesbian, black or white, Christian or Hindu. Does NOT make a difference if you are not beautiful on the inside.

Looks are just looks.

Money is just money.

Race is just race.

Sexuality is just sexuality.

Religion is religion.

But beauty on the inside, you can never go wrong with that.

I am sure we all have beauty on the inside of us. Somewhere in these heart’s of ours, we do. But we have allowed society and what they think is acceptable, dull and burn out what we feel on the inside and how we want our beauty to shine through. Because we would rather go through life being who and what society wants us to be-rather than embracing ourselves and what’s on the inside-the true beauty of a human being.

That concludes my post. I will leave you with this.

No matter how bad people are, always be a human with a good heart. Be who you were born to be. Screw what society thinks is acceptable. Make it acceptable by being you and letting the beauty inside of you, shine through.

Stay beautiful
Love always,