Hello beautiful,

Traveling is all fun and games until you are carrying around a heavy carry-on bag that has stuff inside of it, that you really don’t need and just becomes overly irritating when trying to find something inside of it. The key when it comes to traveling locally or even internationally is that you  travel light with only the necessities.

Even though you may think you need some of the items in your bag, it could be best to put them in your luggage bag rather than in your carry-on. 


You don’t want to carry a big bag that doesn’t fit into the overhead compartments in the plane, and you also don’t want too carry a small bag either. Make sure you have the right size bag that you could possibly put underneath the seat in front of you. I suggest a backpack or a handbag that is big enough for the things you’ll need.


Airplanes can be dry and the water you can buy onboard are way too expensive to keep on buying each time you get thirsty. Pack your own water bottle/s just to avoid paying a fortune for water. Make sure the bottles are sealed, so they don’t leak inside the bag.

Phone, Charging cable and Power Bank

No matter how great your phone’s battery life is, don’t assume it’s going to have enough juice to keep you until you land. If you don’t have arranged transport from the airport to your hotel, how are you going to get your accommodation? Make sure your power bank is charged the night before you leave! Just in case your phone dies during the flight.


Of course, keep your wallet, passport, flight tickets out of your suitcase. Also, if you have a set itinerary planned out, keep that with you as well.

Any Valuables

With your luggage bags being opened and stuff being stolen, make sure you pack your laptop, tablet, jewellery, camera in your carry-on to avoid any of those expensive items being stolen out of your luggage.


Unless looking out of the window is enough to keep your entertained during the flight, pack a book, no hardcover books – they weigh your bag down, a magazine, or other source of entertainment. If you don’t want to carry a book or magazine, make sure you have books on your tablet or kindle. 


If you are traveling overseas, keep a change of clothing, underwear and socks with you. Anything can happen that your luggage gets lost and you’re left without clothes.


Keep a small selection of toiletries in your carry-on such as make up, facial wipes, toothbrush and toothpaste and perfume. Having a few items like these in your carry-on prevents you from rummaging through your luggage in public and you can get off the plane feeling and looking fresh.


Make yourself a lunch or snack the night before. Airplane food is expensive and sometimes tastes bland and dry. Making your own lunch gives you the luxury of saving yourself money, and actually eating something tasty.


Airline cabins get notoriously chilly, so be sure to take a cozy sweater or jersey for your trip, but don’t pack it in your carry-on, drape it over your arm to save precious space in your bag. 

I hope this will help you the next time your travel.

Stay beautiful

Lots of love,