Hey beautiful,

Recently, I have thought about all the blogging friends I have had along my blogging journey. For the last two years, I have not met anyone in the blogging community who I can actually call a friend. Obviously I have made a few blogging friends, but the friendship eventually dries up and we stop talking. 

If you think I’ve written this post about you, then it probably is! #SorryNotSorry

1. Keep in contact or not at all. 
I have been in enough friendships to know that a one-sided friendship will NOT last! I understand that everyone has lives away from blogging, and that you are not constantly on your phones or laptops. But come on, why must one person always text first, initiate a conversation first? I don’t know if it’s just me or that I find it annoying that I always have to text first, and when I do get a reply, there is no interest to keep the conversation going. It ends after a few texts and that’s it, until I text again. 

2. Don’t show fake interest.
Nothing irritates me more than fake people! I have noticed that there are a lot of them in the blogging community and it is actually disgusting and sad. I am not fake towards anyone, I am a nice, friendly, honest, bitch, if people don’t like that, they can go and wait in the line with the other people waiting for me to care. I say this because, there is so much sugar-coating that goes on in this community that it makes me sick. Fake interest on blog posts, fake Instagram comments and just fake people everywhere. WHAT THE HELL IS THE POINT OF BEING FAKE? Someone give an the answer please.

3. Followers, likes, and views rule everyone.
If you don’t have a large following, many likes, or a ton of views, then you are at the bottom of the pack and nobody even notices you or your blog. Please can you take your head out of your damn asshole, and remember that the following you have, the likes and views you get, DON’T MAKE YOU BETTER THAN ANY OTHER BLOGGER! You are a human being with a blog, and the idea that you think you’re better than anyone else, makes me feel sorry for you.

4. If you don’t want to be friends with another blogger, tell them.
No one has died telling the truth.EVER! Stop forcing yourself to be friends with someone you don’t want to be friends with. What is so bloody hard about telling a person that you don’t want to be friends? The forced interaction is old and not needed. I see you honey.

5. Helping another blogger to get more engagement, won’t kill you!
I can’t say this enough. Some bloggers I’ve interacted with, don’t give help to other bloggers at all. WHY? Are you so self-involved that you can’t lend a helping hand to retweet, share or shout out your blogging friends or any other blogger, just because you know, IT IS A NICE THING TO DO! You can’t expect people to take you seriously as a blogger if you have your head stuck so far up your asshole, that you can’t help in a small way! It means a lot to bloggers when you help!

6. Competing is the new trend. 
And so far, it hasn’t gone out of style. I don’t think it ever will to be honest! There is so much competing going on, that I don’t see any real blog posts or Instagram posts out there. It is always the same mundane, tasteless, posts that show up and there is always someone who wants to UP the next person by showing that they’re better and that their work somehow, is the only work that matters. Give it a rest, and stop competing with everyone else. We will all get to where we want to be in this community. There is no race and competition to see who gets there first. 

7. Cliques “rule.”
If you happen to be part of a blogging clique, I don’t want to be friends with you. I didn’t realize that the blogging community is high school, where cliques are still a thing. These people sit around in a group chat and even sometimes online and make fun of bloggers who aren’t as successful as they are, etc. They aren’t really nice people, but put on a “real” facade for their blog and social media pages. Honey, you need to grow, get some sense and realize that you’re not in high school anymore. Cliques are for the bloggers who can’t survive on their own in this community and that they need like-minded people around them to remind them how “relevant” they are when in reality, they’re really not. Please stop, you’re making yourself look stupid!

8. The take and never give back trend.
Those bloggers who want other bloggers to retweet, share, comment, and like their posts on their blog and Instagram, but won’t even take time to do the same for other bloggers. When they eventually do, it’s like an inconvenience for them to help others, but expect the shares, likes, etc. You preach about helping others, yet it’s such an issue for you to help! We see you!

All-in-all, I have said what I have said. I am done looking for blogging friends. I will continue to support bloggers like I always have done. But I am done with these tasteless bitch humans, that can’t seem to be real even if it killed them.

If you happen to have made blogging friends and found real bloggers to interact with, then I applaud you. Don’t ever take your blogging friends for granted, because you are actually really lucky to have them.

Where everything is ruled by likes, followers, views. I will actually be surprised when I find true people in the blogging community. Until then, I’ll just sit and laugh at these people who cannot be real to save their lives.

Stay beautiful
Love always,