Hello beautiful,

I always remind myself why I started blogging every time I think about giving up. When I first started blogging, I honestly got into it with hopes to get free things. Yes, I was THAT person. I saw so many bloggers getting free items from brands and doing all sorts of things with their blogs. They were achieving so much. I wanted that success as well.

Looking back at that now, I can’t even begin to explain how cringe-y that was. I am so happy my vision for my blog changed.

As I got more into blogging, my reasons for starting my blog changed. I realised that what I have got to say can impact someone, help someone in their life, and maybe open up people’s minds to the different topics I write about. It wasn’t even about trying to get brands to notice me anymore. It was more about sharing what I love. I would like brands to notice my blog, and to see the potential I have. Maybe that will come in time or maybe it won’t. I’m fine with that.

I was totally obsessed with followers back then too. I had this mind-set, that the more followers I could get, the more success I would have with my blog. I got so obsessed with that idea, that I totally lost myself in the midst of it all. Followers and likes may bring you brand deals or “blog popularity,” and more opportunity. However, don’t let the followers and likes go to your head and cloud why you started blogging in the first place.

Blogging has become and outlet for me. It has given me a voice that I am proud of. As much as I love writing in my journal, (when I remember to) blogging about my thoughts and sharing them with others, has opened up my mind. Maybe I have impacted someone or helped them with something that I have written. That makes me happy. It is the real reason I started my blog, All Things Belo.

I may not have thousands of followers on social media or tons of engagement on blog. But that doesn’t even bother me. What is on my blog, is real, authentic, transparent and that is what matters to me. I am not sugar coating anything, just to get brands to work with me. I am honest in what I post on my blog and my honesty may inspire someone to be a better person or it may offend someone. Who knows? 😉

What I am passionate about is all on my blog. I am passionate about women empowerment, self-love, honesty, transparency, and so much more. My writing, grammar, and punctuation may not be the best. At least I get my point across and whoever reads my posts, understands what is written. Hopefully.

If someone stumbles upon my blog, I want them to take something positive and honest from it. That is my aim.

Overall, I am writing about what I love and enjoy, not what others want me to write.

If anyone is thinking about starting a blog, and may come across this post. I really hope you start a blog that you’ll love going to every time you want to write about something that inspires you. Don’t lose yourself by competing with other bloggers or wanting followers & likes or making it your main focus to get free things when you start a blog. Make it your own and love what you write about. Focus on getting real engagement and real people who love what you write about.

That is all for now. I hope this has reminded you why you started you blog and hopefully inspires someone to start their own.

Stay beautiful
Love always,