Hello beautiful,

You know when you get a new haircut and you feel like a whole new woman? That is how I felt when I got my wig delivered from KL Official Store.

KL Official Store is an online store on Aliexpress, which sell different types of wigs, clip in extensions, closures, weaves, and bundles with closures. The wig I purchased is a pre-plucked 360 lace frontal with baby hair, 150% Brazilian Remy human hair wig. It looks and feels so natural when I wear it. Their delivery times are 7-15 days. Mine got shipped on February 4th and it arrived on my doorstep on February 11th. The wig comes in a really structured box, and inside it came with the wig, 2 wig caps and a gift.

When I got the wig, I pulled it out of the packaging and I was too afraid to touch it. The texture was soft and smooth at the touch. It is a little heavy as it is a thick 24 inch wig. When I first washed it, it did become poofy and difficult to style. But I am going to get it thinned out and the middle path plucked a little more, so it looks more natural. The wig cap is a medium but it comes with adjustable straps and 4 combs – one in the front and back and two on the sides, just so you can secure the wig properly. I wouldn’t want my wig being snatched away by the wind haha.

I have bought 2 wigs before from two other stores in South Africa, but they were synthetic hair. Once you go from that to a human hair wig, you’ll feel and see the difference. I have noticed a bit of shedding whenever I comb the wig, but I guess it is normal for some wigs to shed.

What I absolutely love about this wig is that how it has natural waves when its not styled. I have worn it to my aunt when I visited her, and it didn’t lose the curls. The only thing I have an issue with is, the Durban humidity and how it affects the wig. The friss annoys me so much.

When it came to speaking to the supplier on Aliexpress, I didn’t have an issue at all. They were friendly and super helpful when it came to me asking questions. You don’t have to stress if you’re going to receive your wig or not, the supplier keeps in contact with you until you receive your wig.

I am over the moon happy with my wig. It gives me the confidence boost and a different length to my hair for $194.53 (Approximately R2733.62.) Shipping costs are free with DPEX and with DHL it is $35.52 (Approx R499.15).

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Stay beautiful
Love always,